Our Island

Reaching Edem

The first thing that someone can see is the intensely green landscape with modern and exemplary vegetable fields that make up a natural deep green colour in an ideal contrast with the light blue of the sea.

Wherever you may look you feel like you are dreaming.It is a place that totally explains its name “The garden of Edem”

Due to its isolation the Edem island comes up only with pure natural products which are the result of the loving care of the cultivators and the scientific knowledge of the specialists.

People here are really proud of the products that they produce.They say that these are what make their land so famous and so attractive.At the kiosk where we stopped for fresh juice and a map of the area, the owner -Mr.Pepperonito introduced himself as the pepper-owner and showed us the sign saying Peppero-kiosk.

“This way” he said”I want to show the peppers that my family grows and which are pepperofamous and highly pepperodemanded all over the world”

Opening the map we decided to start our tour from Pickle Lake.We were welcome there by Miss Pickleton who is also the owner of the local newspaper and who writes the social column, while also having a blog where she criticizes everything, sometimes “spicy” like a pepper, other times “sour-ish” like a gherkin.

While providing us with a detailed presentation of all Edem pickles she gave us plenty of information about everybody and everything. One hour with her and, as we were tasting pickles, which, by the way, were exquisite, we learnt about all the residents on the island whom we were about to meet during our tour.

So, when we got to the Garden of Olives we had already knew everything about the family of Olive Paste Kalamatakis, his wife Mrs. Olivia Green and their offsprings Kalamata Kid and Rodelia Kalamon, and also about his cousin Olivia Pepperone who is in a relationship with Pepperonito and together they produce an admirable olive stuffed with pepper.

Mr Kalamatakis guided us through the praiseworthy olive grove and brought us to taste the exceptional Edem olives : Green olives, Kalamon olives, Olives stuffed with pepper and the olive spread that Mr. Olive Paste was particularly proud of.

We went on to the vegetables forest where we met Cornelius Sweet and Miss Mushroom who talked to us about the Edem vegetables that are being grown in a model environment under the careful eye of specialized agronomists. Together with them was also Dwarf Floridis who grows amazing peppers and who is the uncle of Pepperonito whom we had already met at the kiosk.

As time went by and we were getting hungry after so many appetizers we asked where to find a restaurant on the island. They told us that the best restaurants can be found in the Valley of Delicacies.

We arrived to the restaurant of Miss Dolma Daki Yala Gee, a Chinese who came on vacation on the island and fell in love with the beans farmer Big Bean so she decided to stay here forever and she opened a restaurant.

After a great choice of scrumptious vine leaves stuffed with rice, beans, vegetables salad,an omelette with mushrooms and corn, we asked for a dessert. The hosts nicely suggested us to take a ride to the Marmalade Mountains –the source of the dessert river.This place should not be missed during the journey on the Edem Island. The Marmalade Mountains is an area full of traditional confectionery stores.

One of them belonged to Strawberina, a specialist in growing and making sweets with strawberries, another belonged to Pine Apple Compottina also a specialist in growing and making sweets with pineapple and the third belonged to Verie Coquette who was a specialist in growing and making sweets based on apricots. They served us a delicious ice cream and they gave us a full range of marmelade.

Next morning while making breakfast and spreading some jam on my toast, and also some olive spread -a gift from Olive Paste Kalamatakis on another slice, I was wondering whether the island I was visiting was real or just the result of my imagination. All seemed very nice, almost fairy-tale to be believed. Maybe the same you wondered too.

The moment I bit into the toast I thought that this taste is so real, so authentic, that it could only come from a place like this,a place with this kind of farmers.