The producers of Edem

A beautiful, juicy redhead, just like the strawberries that she has been cultivating ever since she was given a book called “Wild strawberries”. She takes care of them and she collects them carefully, one by one, in order to turn them into marmelade in her confectionery store, a marmelade that she uses to make some more delicious sweets. Strawberina’s marmelade can be obtained by asking for this great Edem product : Strawberry extra marmelade.

She has opened a Juice bar on the beach of the Edem island and offers fresh orange juice made from the juicy oranges that she herself grows in a large orange orchard that she inherited and of which she takes care with love and dedication. From carefully chosen oranges in her orchard Dora makes this famous Edem product : Orange jam.

A unique producer with rare talents and who prefers avoiding the banal and rather innovate. That is how he managed to get a grant and cultivate a rare fruit, which is not so popular – blueberries. This fruit found on the island the best conditions for its growth and as a consequence, it is used for making an incredibly tasty product of Edem : Blueberry extra marmelade.

A dynamic ecologist, member of the Association “Friends of the Edem Forest”. At the same time a romantic soul, she likes to take a walk into the forest and read stories about heroes and forest elves at the Fairytale Reading Club of Edem. During her walks in the woods she carefully chooses the most beautiful and ripest fruits with which she prepares this great Edem product : Forest fruits extra marmelade.

The poetess of the garden of Edem. She loves organizing poetry soirees for the locals. Her favourite lines “The cherry trees will blossom again this year” by Menelaos Loudemis and “I want to do with you what spring does with the cherry trees” by Pablo Neruda. She gets her inspiration from her walks among the blossoming cherry trees of her family and from the cherries with which she produces the unique Edem product: The Black cherry extra marmelade.

She loves being well dressed and taking care of her look and her skin. That is why her friends call her “the coquette” and tease her with the “I love my apricot” song. Of course, the choice of the song is not random as she is the owner of an apricot orchard and she uses apricots to make the high quality Edem product: Apricot extra marmelada.

She studied History of Art in Paris and got to know the best cafes and bistros where they served raspberry sweets with croissant and coffee. When she came back to the garden of Edem with the intention of opening an art gallery she couldn’t part with her favourite marmelade so she started cultivating raspberry so that she, but also all the others could enjoy this fantastic product of Edem: Raspberry extra marmelade.

Juicy, good looking and athletic, she owns a gym in the the garden of Edem. She is a great supporter of working out and exercising, promoting her innovative method of peach-ersizing, a method inspired by the best peaches in the region, peaches that she grows and uses for the exceptionally tasty Edem product: Peach extra marmelade.

She used to be a famous singer and she made a career using the stage name Anna Nana in the night clubs of Edem and in concerts. She loves the tropical climate and travelling to exotic places. In one of her travels she discovered one of the best varieties of pineapple that she imports here on the island in order to make this exotic product of Edem: Pineapple slices in syrup.

Having graduated from Edem’s Drama School, she founded an acting troupe with which she stages classic plays for the citizens of Edem. Her favourite author is Chekhov and his masterpiece –“ The Cherry Orchard”. Her deep affection for it urged her to grow her own sour cherry orchard which makes great sour cherries that she uses to create this top product of Edem: Sour Cherry extra jam and Sour Cherry Syrup.

She wants to be the best looking among her friends and she doesn’t mind if this bothers the other girls in the garden of Edem. First of all she boasts with making the best mushroom pizza at the pizzeria that she owns in the central square of Edem. The secret of her successful recipe is the delicious mushrooms that she cultivates herself and also the reason why this Edem product is in such a high demand: Sliced mushrooms.

The cinefile of Edem.He loves cinema and dreams of making his own movie sometime. It goes without saying that of all the films presented at Cine Edem he doesn’t miss one and he enjoys having popcorn and soft drinks during the break. His love for popcorn made him grow an exceptional variety of sweet corn with which he prepares this high quality product of Edem: Sweet Corn.

She is the young redhead and very beautiful producer in the garden of Edem. But she is also very shy and demure. Whenever she is praised for her job or she gets a compliment about her beauty she turns red just like the lovely, delicious beetroots that she grows with great love and care and with which she prepares the equally delicious product of Edem: Beetroots.

He is the cousin of Dwarf Floridis. He is crazy about yellow and grows only yellow peppers. Often he and his cousin start quarrelling about their football teams. But they love each other and bring their products together to create a one-of-a-kind product os Edem: Roasted red and yellow peppers.

He always wears red clothes, red shoes and a red hat,as red is his favourite colour. He learnt to plant peppers from his Pontian grandpa, in the traditional way, and from that moment on he only grows red peppers that are ideal roasted and with which he prepares this exceptional Edem product: Roasted red peppers.

A strict scientist with a Ph.D. in Agriculture and specialization in gherkins which he grows on an especially designed plot in the garden of Edem. Putting into practice all his knowledge and his scientific findings he gets the best gherkins in the world and with them he makes two of the most appetizing products of Edem: Medium gherkins and bud gherkins.

He came from Kastelorizo.This outgoing and joyful border guy is always ready to cheer all the Edem locals up and the first to start dancing on island songs. He is a real specialist in gathering capers from the sunny spots on the island. He is a permanent resident of Edem because here he found what he was looking for, the best and most aromatic capers that he collects carefully and lovingly during the best time of the year so as to make this excellent Edem product : Caper bud.

She is the viticulturist of Edem. She always loves to speak about good wine and travels all over the world in places that are famous for their vine fields such as Tuscany and Burgundy. For the vines that she grows she uses the most traditional and secure methods. She collects the vine leaves when they are still tender and with them she makes another natural product of Edem: Vine Leaves.

He came for holidays in Greece on a boat bringing with him seeds of an exceptional variety of small peppers that he loves and he cannot go without. Falling in love with the place here, and also with the amazing soil, he decided to stay on the island forever and to grow here his beloved peppers with which he makes the lovely product of Edem: Golden peppers.

It is said to have come on the island all the way from Japan where he used to have a dance school. What makes him special is his Mediterranean passion and his burning look which sets many of the local girls on fire. Just like him, the small peppers he cultivates are spicy and give the same passion and the same feeling of hotness to all those who try them: Hot Peppers.

She is as beautiful as a sunray. She sunbathes all day. Her favourite movie is “Girls in the sun”. Her favourite sayings: “Brighter than the sun” and “The sun makes it all glow”. She grows tomatoes which she dries in the sun in a totally natural way in order to prepare this exceptional product of Edem: Sundried tomatoes.

He is the owner of a restaurant in the middle of the island and, together with his Chinese wife Miss Dolma Daki Ya La Gee,they offer great delicacies to the locals and also to those visiting the island. One of them is his specialty –Red kidney beans. A real delicacy of Edem: Red Kidney Beans.

She is the chief editor of the local newspaper and also in charge of the local TV channel. She goes everywhere with a microphone in her hand, ready to comment on everything happening on the island. She is famous for her acidic and tangy comments which are just like the pickles that she and her family produce and which are one of the most emblematic products of Edem: Pickles.

She is the owner of the “ Lia” hairdressing salon in Edem Town. She also owns one of the best olive groves with Kalamon olives in the area. Her hobby is to make other people’s life easier. Her invention –on which she works together with her friend Fetoula Green is to cut the olives into slices which makes things easier for housewives and chefs. This is how she prepares the extraordinary product of Edem: Kalamon sliced olives.

She has a very spicy type of humor and makes spirited comments that everybody loves and which don’t really bother anybody. She cultivates exquisite green olives and is a close friend of Peppe Mix (rumours-as spread all over the island of Edem by Miss Pickleton- has it that they are a couple). He supplies her with small spicy peppers so she can make this product of Edem: Spicy Green Olives.

Beautiful and…spicy, she loves Mediterranean and oriental tastes. She exudes success and her favourite movie is ”Scent of a woman” with Al Pacino. She grows aromatic herbs in her garden and spices which she uses for the preparation of this product of Edem: Green olives with aromatic herbs and spices.

Everybody lovingly calls her “ Mitsa”. She is cute and good looking and comes from a good family. The Greens-one of the oldest families in Edem, cultivate Kalamon olives and selected green olives with which they make one of the most famous products of Edem: Kalamon and Green olives.

Beautiful and aristocratic, with a diva’s style which won her the name Olidiva, given by the inhabitants of Edem. She grows fennel and coriander and when she is not busy making delicious fennel pies she offers her aromatic herbs to make this exceptional product of Edem: Green olives with fennel and coriander.

Beautiful, with an explosive personality and almond shaped eyes. She inherited an almond orchard here, in the garden of Edem from her Pontian grandpa Hambos Mandolidis, and she produces the best almonds in the area with which she makes one of the most renowned products of Edem: Green olives stuffed with almond.

One of the well known olive groves owning family in Edem. Except for the green olives from her family’s land, Olivia has her own plot and grows peppers, with love and care. And with the same dedication and care in the family’s factory they fill the green olives with Olivia’s peppers to create one of the most traditional products of Edem: Green olives stuffed with pepper.

She is the dentist in the garden of Edem and because she was afraid somebody might break a tooth when biting on a pit by mistake, she asked that all olives be pitted. Of course, others too had thought about this, and not so much for the sake of the teeth but rather for the sake of offering housewives an alternative. That is how this smart product of Edem came up : Pitted green olives.

She likes being called Toula, because “Fetoula” reminds her of a slice of feta cheese, and it’s not that she doesn’t like Feta cheese, but she got her name when, together with her cousin Rodelia Kalamon, they were inspired to slice the olives they produce so these would be easier to use. With the selected green olives that Fetoula Green produces this lovely product of Edem is made: Sliced green olives.

She is friend with everybody and she tries to fill their lives with fun and optimism. Her favourite food is stuffed vegetables. She grows delicious green olives which she fills with peppers and because she wants to offer more alternatives she takes almonds from her friend Olivera Mandolidi for stuffing the rest of her olives and that is how she prepares this special product of Edem: Green olives stuffed with almonds and peppers.

Ever since she was a kid she tried hard to do the best for everybody. And that’s how she got her nickname. She cultivates an exceptional variety of green olives which…try hard to win our heart and which are ideal for those who…try hard with a few glasses of ouzo or tsipouro. With these olives and with the help of a recipe that only she knows, Litsa prepares a unique product of Edem: Cracked green olives.

He is the star of the garden of Edem. He dreams of becoming a movie star one day, just like Karate Kid. That’s why he grows the most famous olives in the world, the Kalamon olives and his dream is to be one day as famous as his olives, with which he makes the equally renowned product of Edem: Kalamon olives.

Olivia Green was born in the lemon orchard her family owns close to a beach in the garden of Edem. Well manerred and romantic, she loves all the inhabitants of Edem and you may see her often offering the others a bouquet of lemon blossom. She carefully selects the best lemons and uses them to produce the appetizing and high quality product of Edem: Green olives.

He is an experienced farmer made of “good paste”. He is grooming his way into becoming a mayor, based on his experience and knowledge. He grows Kalamon olives, one of the most famous varieties in the world and uses them to obtain an olive paste made according to a unique recipe that is known only on the island, but which can be enjoyed by all those buying this exceptional product of Edem: Kalamon olive paste.

He is outgoing, soft hearted and pleasant and he…melts for helping others. He loves light colours and most of all light green which is his first choice when he goes shopping in the boutique on the island of Edem. This preference of him is what prompted him to cultivate an exceptional variety of green olives with which he prepares the lovely gourmet product of Edem: Green olive paste.

Dark haired and beautiful, with big black eyes. When she goes out they sing to her Vamvakaris’ song “ Black eyes”but her heart belongs to Alifos Kalamatakis with whom -the gossip in town and Miss Pickleton say they are a couple. She grows exquisite black olives with which she makes this delicious product of Edem: Black Olive Paste.

The best chef in the garden of Eden. Rumours has it she comes from Smyrna and that she learnt all the cooking secrets from her grandma who was a close friend of the famous cook Loxandra. She loves working with the purest ingredients. Her specialite is meatballs in tomato sauce and those who have tried it licked their fingers. You can find this great product of Edem as: Meatballs in tomato sauce.

Our Chinese girlfriend visited Edem’s garden, was fascinated by it and stayed there forever. She opened a restaurant along with her husband, Big Bean, where she offers her famous dish of Vine leaves stuffed with rice. She gets vine leaves from Vana Vein and she cherry-picks the rice. Another tasty Edem Product: Vine leaves stuffed with rice.

Ever since he can remember his dream was to open a dance school in the garden of Edem and teach modern and traditional dances. Until he will be able to do so he grows an exceptional variety of beans combining modern methods of cultivation and a traditional recipe to give us this incredibly delicious product of Edem: Baked beans.

She is cousin of Ion Fasolidis. She believes she is made for great things and cannot stand the mediocrity. She has great ideas about long journeys and she dreams of a great career, a giant house , a giant car. That is why she could not grow anything else but giant beans with which she makes the “giant” product of Edem: Giant beans in tomato sauce.

She is soprano in the garden of Edem. She loves opera and classic music. She often organizes music soirees for the locals , soirees which always end with a buffet where she always brings treats with basic ingredient the balsamic vinegar that she herself makes in her factory and which is this famous product of Edem: Balsamic vinegar.

He is loved by all the inhabitants in the Garden of Edem, he is friendly with everybody and endowed with a never ending patience which he needs in order to brew and mature his famous vinegar in wooden barrels. He produces it of selected grapes he takes from the grapeyards of Vana Vein and it is nothing else than this famous product of Edem: White balsamic vinegar.