Production of Edem

During the break of a seminar about healthy diet we met a well known chef and a nutritionist, and we had a very useful discussion with them, of course about the products of Edem and the importance and the value of a diet based on standardized products packed in jars or metal cans. 10 conclusions emerged from that discussion:

A little bit of history …

In the late 18th c., Napoleon the Great, seeing that his army was being decimated by food poisoning, granted a big sum of money to any inventor who could come up with a method of preserving food for a long time.

“Γεμίζουμε τις ελιές μας πολύ προσεκτικά με τις πιπεριές που καλλιεργεί ο κ. Νάνος Φλωρίνης. Έτσι, έχουμε τα πάντα υπό έλεγχο”